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Reading help build your brain muscle and drastically improves memory. Your natural ability to think critically and analyze details are developed through the reading process. At RISE we support every student by tailoring the reading experience to each of our client’s needs.


  • Letter names and sounds

  • Consonant sounds

  • Long and short vowel sounds

  • Initial sounds and blends

  • Phoneme blending

  • Phoneme Segmentation

  • Vowels in digraphs,trigraphs

  • CVC words

  • Decoding and Encoding

  • Vowel Dipthongs

  • Two syllable words

  • Multi-syllabic words


  • Skills reading Oral

  • WCPM- words correct per minute

  • Smoothness

  •  Expressive Interpretation

  • Appropriate phrasing

  • Meaning and Punctuation


  • Comprehends meaning of words

  • Words in isolation

  • Concept Word wheels

  • Semantic word maps

  • Concept of definition

  • Word relationship


  • Retelling the passage

  • Main Idea or problem

  • Supporting Details

  • Questioning

  • Analyzing the text

  • Visualizing and Verbalizing

  • Context of Passage

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